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"Hmm, as I thought. My calculations were correct. I knew you'd be here! In order to avoid future complication, I need you to die!"
―Donald during operation code T8.

Donald Chan is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character and a minor antagonist of Airforce Delta Strike.

Donald is the 1st Captain of Ganos Flying Division. He is known as "The Fighting Machine."



Little is known about Donald's life before the game's events. His character profile mentions that before Ganos surrendered to the O.C.C., he showed great courage in battle, but lost his companions in the process. He began to doubt the value of courage and has since striven to become like a machine, being precise and ruthless. If he is killed in Up Stream, he mentions that he can now follow a girl who was supposedly his girlfriend.


Donald is portrayed as intelligent, cold, ruthless, and calculating. He tries to be emotionless like a machine, believing that emotions are a liability. Sometimes, when he gets shot down, he falls into an angry state as he bails out.


Donald is a tall, muscular man with long, white hair that sticks out from beneath his helmet. If one looks closely, they will see that he wears a pair of glasses with pink-colored lenses and he has a large, red scar on his face that goes over his left eye. His eyes appear to be light-yellow. Like most O.C.C. pilots, he is never seen without his helmet and flight gear.

Events of AFD Strike

Donald first appears in the Intercept mission Encount (Twister). He says he knew that Delta has come and orders Dragon 4 to 6 to change course and move to phase B. After John Rundal leaves the battle zone to deal with an enemy squadron, Donald says it's not quite what he predicted and tells his allies never mind and to commence attack. After some fighting, Donald is shot down and he says, "No time to think... Punching out!" and he bails out. If the mission is played with John, Donald also tells Dragon 4 to 6 to change course and move to phase B, but he also tells the remaining Dragon units to move to intercept the enemy. Donald is shot down after some fighting and he says the same thing as before.

Later, Donald appears again in the mission Hyper Speed Rick where he finds Rick Campbell in a high-speed recon plane at Kotor Stronghold and he says, "Coming alone to a place like this... How very inefficient. But with those injuries... I've got to hand it to you. Interesting machine you've got there. Hard to control though." and pursues Rick. If Rick flies at a minimum of 1600 miles per hour, Donald says, "It's fast all right, I'm dying to know how they found it." and after Rick helps Harry Garrett measure the hangars, Donald says, "What, not attacking? What's going on?" and then after Rick helps Harry finish measuring the hangars, Harry tells him to leave the battle zone and Donald says, "Running away? That might not be a bad idea.". As Rick flies away, Donald tells him, "Did you get the information? That's the key to who lives and dies. There's no way we're going down here! Tell them that!" and Rick escapes.

Mission Appearances


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