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The F-108 Rapier (Early Plan) is an airplane in the Airforce Delta series, appearing in Airforce Delta Strike.

It was proposed to be a long range, high speed fighter jet, the project was called due to a lack of funds.


The design of the Rapier takes a heavily isosceles-style delta wing formation. It also features a tall, vertical, all moving tail-fin. The fuselage is rather long, despite only sitting two. The wings feature plenty of dual-fuel tanks.


The Rapier is the fastest plane in the game, and likely the entire Airforce Delta series as well. It can reach speeds up to over 2100 miles per hour. Its drawbacks lie in its poor handling, low health, and ineffectiveness against ground targets. Unlike most fighter jets, which usually have just 70 missiles (multirole fighters have 80), the Rapier has 150 missiles. Its special weapons are high-maneuvering air-to-air missiles (HM-AAM).

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