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"I know you're the best! But the rest are good too."
―Francine during Encount (Tiger's Cave).

Francine Davout is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character and the quaternary antagonist of Airforce Delta Strike.

Francine was the 1st Captain of Ecbatana Air Force and the O.C.C.'s most senior female pilot.



Francine is a member of the wealthy Davout family, but became interested in aerial combat and joined the air forces along with her butler Jake Emerson. When Ecbatana surrendered to the O.C.C., Francine went along with it because she wanted to continue being a pilot.


At first, Francine has a bright and out-going personality, under-toned with a sadistic streak as mentioned in her profile. Upon meeting John Rundal, she is practically elated to find someone as dangerous as him, and even casually and playfully talks with him during their pitched battles. However, her personality takes a complete 180 after Jake is killed, and she becomes heartbroken. She then becomes vengeful over it, wanting to kill the Delta squadron as "offerings to him". Once she's killed in Rush Into the Red Star, she accepts death quietly and meekly, as she will be reunited with Jake in death.


Francine is a tall, slim woman with large breasts and hips. She has short blonde hair, gray eyes, and brown skin. She wears small silver ear rings and has a large scar that extends from the left side of her neck to her left cheek. Her eyes are notably slightly smaller than most of the other female pilots. Like most other O.C.C. pilots, she wears a black flightsuit. Her cleavage is partially visible when she is not wearing her helmet and flight gear.

Events of AFD Strike

Francine first appears, along with Jake, in either the secret missions Lone Wolf or Far Behind. Francine expresses interest towards John upon noticing him fighting all by himself and is impressed by his skills. Jake tells her it's been a while since he's seen her this happy. Eventually, however, Francine and Jake bug out when Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine show up.

In the debriefing, Francine is seen speaking with Jake about John in their meeting room. Francine is delighted over finding a worthy rival like John and Jake tries to get her to come to her senses, saying she should eventually take care of him, to which she agrees. Jake tells her she shouldn't toy with John too much, not wanting her father to worry, and states he'd rather her battle with John wouldn't be "too glorious", and prefers to take him down himself. Francine just brushes him off. Jake does note that he put in a request for information at her command, though notes they probably won't get any information about him.


  • Call sign: Titan 1[1]
  • T.A.C name: Celestial
  • Plane colors: Gray with pink, circular highlights and Ecbatana markings. Her emblem appears to be an eye. Her Type-R2: Vamp appears to be tinted a gray-ish lilac color.

Mission Appearances

  • Lone Wolf (Optional mission, pilots a MiG-31BM "Foxhound")
  • Far Behind (Optional mission, pilots a MiG-31BM "Foxhound")
  • Hyper Speed Rick (Debriefing)
  • Encount (Tiger's Cave) (Pilots a MiG-31BM "Foxhound")
  • R-Mite (Pilots a MiG-31BM "Foxhound")
  • Turning Point (Debriefing)
  • Departure (Debriefing)
  • The Defender (Pilots a Type-R2: Vamp[2])
  • The Decisive Battle (Pilots a Type-R2: Vamp)
  • Rush Into the Red Star (Killed in action, pilots a Type-R2: Vamp)





  • Her surname suggests that she has French descent.
  • She is the first O.C.C. ace to be killed in a space mission.
  • It is possible to complete Rush Into the Red Star without killing Francine. However, unless The Last Duel is completed, John will still mention, in the debriefing, that Francine was killed.
  • She and Jake are the only O.C.C. aces to be introduced in two separate missions as well the only aces to be introduced in secret missions.
  • Her and Jake's home country is erroneously referred to as "Ekubadana" in their profiles; this is a romanization of the Japanese word for "Ecbatana", which is what their country is referred to in all other instances where the name is brought up.


For reference 1, click on 'Characters' and click on the third of the five buttons. Keep scrolling down until you see Francine's profile and click on it.

For reference 2, click on 'World' (the fifth button from the left) then click on 'Mechanics'. Keep scrolling down until you see the Type-R2: Vamp images.


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