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"I know you're the best! But the rest are good too."
―Francine during Encount (Tiger's Cave).

Francine Davout is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character and the quaternary antagonist of Airforce Delta Strike.

Francine was the 1st Captain of Ekubadana Air Force. She was the O.C.C.'s most senior female pilot and the leader of the Ecbatana Aviation Army.



Francine is a member of the wealthy Davout family, but became interested in aerial combat and joined the air force along with her butler Jake Emerson. When Ecbatana surrendered to the O.C.C., Francine went along with it because she wanted to continue being a pilot.


Francine often has a fake veneer of cheerfulness and friendliness which hides a sadistic, cruel, ruthless, and somewhat selfish personality. She is also a bit flirtatious as implied in her dialogue with John Rundal. She is sometimes shown to be a bit of a coward as she screams when her plane is hit by bullets. She does however, seem to legitimately care about her butler Jake and is saddened by his death.


Francine is a tall, slim woman with large breasts and hips. She has short blonde hair, light-green eyes, and brown skin. She wears small golden ear rings and has a large scar that extends from the left side of her neck to her left cheek. Her eyes are notably slightly smaller than most of the other female pilots. Like most other O.C.C. pilots, she wears a black flightsuit. Her cleavage is partially visible when she is not wearing her helmet and flight gear.

Events of AFD Strike

Francine first appears, along with Jake, in either the secret missions Lone Wolf or Far Behind. In Lone Wolf, she sees John and asks if he's really alone and he must be tough. Jake tells Francine it is no big deal, calling her 'miss'. Francine tells Jake to stop calling her 'miss' and he apologizes. Francine then says she wonders if John is up for a challenge, and announces herself to him as 'Celestial' and asks if he wants to have some fun. After some fighting, Francine is impressed with John's skills and tells Jake that he is great. Jake says it looks like John is alone and tells Francine it should keep her happy. Francine tells John to give her all he's got and to bring it on and Jake tells him to let Francine have her fun. After some more fighting, Francine says this is great and she can't get enough and Jake says it has been a while since he's seen her this happy and tells John that Francine is always hungry for a fight and tells him not to screw around while she's enjoying herself. After some more fighting, Francine tells Jake she won't forget this fight in a hurry and he agrees. She then tells him to find out who John is and he agrees to do so. After some more fighting, Francine says she is not looking for a kill and it's the chase she is after. Jake says with her skill, the chase might not last so long but Francine disagrees and says that John is different and she can sense it. After some more fighting, Francine says, "Pilots! Be careful or be dead!". After some more fighting, Francine asks Jake for tea as usual later and Jake agrees and mentions scones as well. Francine says she cannot wait and Jake agrees. After some more fighting, Francine tells Jake that these sights are a little too forgiving and Jake apologizes and says he'll fix it as soon as they're back and Francine thanks him. After some more fighting, Francine tells Jake to look at the way John flies and Jake sarcastically says it's great and Francine asks if he thinks so and Jake tells her that maybe her judgement is a bit clouded and she disagrees. After some more fighting, Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine suddenly show up to provide backup for John. Francine says, "Oh! Some friends perhaps?" and Jake says, "Backup...? Can't say our chances look too good, huh..." and Francine says this isn't good and they have no choice but to disengage and Jake agrees and they leave the battle zone if they are not shot down. If Francine is shot down, she says, "Damn! That's it! I've gotta bail!" and tells Jake it's up to him and Jake shouts for her and Francine says she'll be fine and tells Jake to just take care of this and he agrees. Ken and Ruth quickly show up afterwards. If Jake is shot down, he says, "Sorry, but I'm bailing out." and Francine says, "Ooh! Butler! Not bad!". If Francine is shot down after that, she says, "That's all I've got! Punching out!". Ken and Ruth quickly show up afterwards. In the debriefing, Francine says, "Phew...!" and Jake shows up and says she must be tired. Francine tells him nice work out there and Jake says it was not as nice as he hoped and he wishes he could've backed Francine up more. Francine tells him he did just fine and says it has been a long time since she had such a worthy opponent (John) and that was a battle to remember. Jake tells Francine that she really must have been infatuated with John today and Francine says she thinks she has fallen in love and comments on John's amazing flying skills, saying it was battle art, and it was really a pleasure to fight with a guy like that. Jake warns Francine to make sure she takes care of John in the end, saying he cannot have anything happening to her. Francine says she definitely plans to win eventually, but with a guy like John, just chasing each other around is half the fun. Jake tells Francine not to toy with John too much, saying he does not want her father getting concerned about her. Francine tells Jake that he is a worrywart and Jake says that worrying is his job. Francine then says she will take care of John the next time they meet and says she can see him going down in flames after a glorious battle. Jake says he would prefer if the battle did not get too "glorious" and he would rather take care of things himself actually. Francine tells Jake not to mind all that and tells him to find out who John is and Jake says he already put in a request for information and he doesn't know if they'll find out anything though. Francine says John is her next target, the man she is going to shoot down, and she at least has to know his name and tells Jake to tell others to hurry and Jake reluctantly agrees. Francine says, "Just you wait, my wolf-like hunter. I'll be there to take care of you soon. Don't let anything happen to you before that!" and the debriefing ends.

Mission Appearances

  • Lone Wolf (Optional mission)
  • Far Behind (Optional mission)
  • Hyper Speed Rick (Debriefing)
  • Encount (Tiger's Cave)
  • R-Mite
  • Turning Point (Debriefing)
  • Departure (Debriefing)
  • The Defender
  • The Decisive Battle
  • Rush Into the Red Star (Killed in action)



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