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"Damn! I-I'm... I'm bailing out... Why won't it work? No! I don't want to die... Please! Nooooooo..."
―Giuseppe's last words.

Giuseppe Ferretti (first name pronounced Juh-sep-ee) is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character and a minor antagonist in Airforce Delta Strike.

Giuseppe was the 2nd Captain of Merv Alliance and an ace pilot with Leon Kleiser as his right-hand man at the start of the game.



Nothing is known about Giuseppe's life before the game's events. He joined the Merv Alliance at an unknown point, became an ace pilot, and became the 2nd Captain of Merv.


Giuseppe is portrayed as a cocky, selfish, inconsiderate, and unscrupulous individual who wants to steal Sergei Kinski's popularity and occasionally dreams of killing him off in an accident and taking his place. Giuseppe is sometimes shown to be rather incompetent as shown in the Intercept mission before Night Blitz where he comes up with an unsuccessful attempt at ambushing Delta Squadron and Sergei even admits he's not fit to call himself a military man. Giuseppe considers all his men expendable with Leon Kleiser being the only exception. Giuseppe also occasionally believes he is being mistreated by his superiors.


Giuseppe is a muscular man of slightly above-average height. He always wears shades that completely cover his eyes. He wears a black flightsuit like most of the other O.C.C. pilots and is never seen without his helmet and flight gear.

Events of AFD Strike

Giuseppe first appears in the game's second mission, operation code H4. His opening dialogue consists of him wondering why he has to get stuck with missions like defending the oil refinery from attack. He then orders his units to spread out and take out enemies. Later in the mission, he interacts with Ruth Valentine and John Rundal, saying they'll all 'make a nice feather in his cap,' much to Ruth's annoyance. He then tells her to consider it an honor and she refuses. He then says, "I'm a born leader, not like you guys." and tells them to give up quietly. Ruth asks him if he thinks they're just going to 'roll over and play dead' and Giuseppe says they'll die for real and they haven't got a chance against him in a dogfight. John then calls Giuseppe a 'buttwipe,' much to the latter's annoyance, and he tells him he's going down. Giuseppe, provoked, tells John he'll pay for that and to get ready to die. John tells him to give it his best shot and Giuseppe says, "I eat sawed-off little punks like you for breakfast!" If Giuseppe is shot down, one of his men will tell him he's got to punch out and Giuseppe says, "I can't believe it...I'm hit. You're gonna pay for that some day!" In the debriefing, Giuseppe is met up by Leon who asks if he's alright. Giuseppe says he is and the rest of the squadron stepped on his toes and he sure could have used Leon out there. Leon states he really appreciates that and wishes he had gone and asks Giuseppe if he was injured. Giuseppe says he's in one piece but his plane is in several and he'll have to skip out on the next mission. He then asks Leon if he could ask him a favor and Leon stands to attention. Giuseppe tells him he wants him to show the world that the Merv 2nd Squadron is way beyond that "Emperor" joker (Sergei) on the next mission. Leon agrees with a devious smile and says he would risk his life to carry out an order from Giuseppe. Giuseppe tells him that's what he likes to hear and says he could get promoted if Leon succeeds and tells him he'll remember him when that happens. Leon agrees and thanks Giuseppe, saying he will always be at his service. Giuseppe is pleased and tells Leon to get out there and show him what he's got and leaves, much to Leon's frustration.

Giuseppe appears again in the mission Fleet Attack where he is shocked to see enemies. He then says, "Damn! I need to buy some time until we're ready to intercept!" If Giuseppe is shot down, he will be frustrated over having to have been beaten there and he angrily tells Holst Prendre he swears he'll get him for this, calling him an 'old man,' and bails out. If Giuseppe is not shot down after three minutes into the mission, a member of the Beloe fleet will ask where their air defense is and Giuseppe will nervously admit it is getting rather rough and tells his allies to hold out a little longer and the rest is up to them and he'll go guard a different direction. He will then begin to exit the battle zone but he can still be shot down until he leaves.

Giuseppe also appears in the optional mission Priority for Ruth. Leon and Ellen McNichol appear alongside him and he asks the former how Ellen is doing. Leon tells Giuseppe she'll do anything if told it's for the O.C.C. and states she's one 'badass lady' and Giuseppe states that she'd be no use to them if she wasn't. He then orders Leon to tell the rest of their crew that the neutral hospital ship they are attacking is a camouflaged destroyer and Leon complies. If Giuseppe is shot down first, he will say, "Dammit! Punching out!" and Leon will ask him if he is okay and tells him to leave the rest to him and Ellen also asks him if he is okay. If Leon is shot down first, Giuseppe will tell him he's got a way to go. If Ellen is shot down first, Giuseppe will tell Leon she's only a doll and asks him what he expected after he says all the trouble to get her was hardly worth it. If Giuseppe is not shot down by the time the hospital ship is destroyed, he will say their mission is successful and orders his crew to head back to base.

Giuseppe makes another appearance in the Intercept mission for Night Blitz along with Sergei and two reinforcements. Giuseppe laughs and says he knew Delta was coming and orders his men to take Delta down. Sergei asks him what the plan is and Giuseppe says, "The plan? Simple. Doesn't take a genius to... Er...I didn't mean..." He then explains to Sergei that this is Delta's patch and they're setting a trap for them and snickers while claiming it to be an ambush. Sergei is irritated with Giuseppe and tells him he's not fit to call himself a military man. Sergei then says to Giuseppe, "Only someone like you...!" and Giuseppe tells him winning is the top priority. A little later in the mission, Giuseppe yells, "Die! Die now!" and then says, "If you're gone, I'll be a hero!" He then orders all his units to get Delta who he then tells it'll be good for all of them if they save him. Giuseppe then yells, "Me! You'll honor me!" and then says Sergei's time is over and now it's his turn. Sergei then asks Giuseppe to be strong if he takes his place and Giuseppe tells him he's not the 'tiger' he thought he was. Sergei also asks Giuseppe if he's got what it takes to be at the top and Giuseppe tells him to just fire and anything goes now. Giuseppe then asks if there's honor in dying as the founder of a new dawn. He then tells Sergei it'll be on his gravestone and he'll tell his grandchildren about him. Giuseppe then says he's the one going back a hero. He also says, "You guys are just pawns! You should know your place!" then he yells, "I'm a leader! D'ya hear?!" and he states that Sergei is a 'relic of the past' and it is time for him to step down. He then says, "Follow me and live! Cross me and die!" and he says he can do anything Sergei can, only better.

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