"I've really got to thank you for getting rid of those fools! You have my deepest gratitude. Thanks to you, I'm a commander! If I could just take you--and that--monster down... Why, my future'd be a sure thing!"
―Leon during either Departure or Decision.

Leon Kleiser is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character and the senary antagonist of Airforce Delta Strike.

Leon is the leader of the 1st Element of the Merv Alliance's 2nd Squadron. He is Giuseppe Ferretti's right-hand man at the start of the game.



Nothing is known about Leon's life prior to the events of the game. He became a pilot in the Merv Alliance at an unknown point and Merv surrendered to the O.C.C..


Leon is shown to be a scheming, unscrupulous, treacherous, ambitious, selfish, and power-hungry person who expresses joy when others on his own side get shot down or even killed as it means he could be promoted to a higher position. He is also shown to be rather sadistic, as seen in the mission Priority where he laughs maniacally over attacking a defenseless hospital ship. Leon pretends to respect Giuseppe when in reality, he talks badly about him to his underlings behind his back and secretly wants to get rid of him.


Leon is a short, brown-skinned, muscular man. He appears to have freckles on his face and has orange eyes and black lips. He is often shown wringing his hands. If one looks closely, they will see that he appears to wear a nose ring. He wears a black flightsuit like most O.C.C. pilots and is never seen without his helmet and flight gear.

Events of AFD Strike

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Leon first appears in the debriefing for the mission operation code H4. He meets up with Giuseppe, who took part in the mission, and asks him if he's all right and Giuseppe replies saying yes and that the rest of the squadron stepped on his toes and he sure could have used Leon out there. Leon says he really appreciates that and states that he wished he had gone and asks Giuseppe if he was injured. Giuseppe says he's in one piece, but his plane is in several and he will have to skip out on the next mission. He then asks Leon if he could ask him a favor and Leon says, "Yes! Of course, anything at all." and Giuseppe tells him he wants him to, on the next mission, show the world that the Merv 2nd Squadron is way beyond that "Emperor" joker (Sergei Kinski). Leon smiles deviously and agrees, saying he would risk his life to carry out an order from Giuseppe. Giuseppe tells him that's what he likes to hear and tells Leon if he succeeds, Giuseppe could be promoted and he'll remember him when that happens. Leon agrees and thanks Giuseppe, saying he will always be at his service. Giuseppe is pleased and tells Leon to get out there and show him what he's got and leaves. Leon gets frustrated and says "hmph!"

Leon appears in the following mission The "GALE" where he says, "Damn, reinforcements! That's fine by me. Take 'em down!" If the player shoots down a couple of planes, Leon will then say, "Wish we could take care of them before Storm shows up..." If the player shoots down a couple more planes, Leon will then say, "Hurry up and bring 'em down before he comes by!" If Leon is shot down before Albert's introductory cutscene, he will say, "Damn it! We've got to bail!" and Albert will wonder where he is upon showing up. If Leon remains in the fight when Albert appears, he will say to him, "We don't need the likes of you!" and Albert responds with, "Hmph. The weaker the dog, the louder it barks." and Leon responds with, "What?!" If Leon is shot down before Albert when the latter is around, he will say, "Damn! Sorry, Commander... That stinkin' Storm!" and Albert will respond with, "Hmph. What did you expect?" and Leon will say, "B-bail!" If Albert is shot down before Leon, the latter will say, "So much for the great up-and-comer!" with a snicker. If Leon is shot down after Albert, he will say the same thing he does if he is shot down before Albert appears. If Leon is not shot down, but a certain number of other planes are, he will say he's out of fuel and heading back. In the debriefing, while Albert is speaking to Sergei, Leon is angry and he shouts out Albert's name and asks him what kind of strategy was that and that he's got to work with his men, warning him that he'll make the commander worried. Albert says he is very sorry and will be more careful next time. Leon agrees and tells Albert to stop calling him by name and claims to be older and more highly ranked than him (although the first fact is incorrect since in the character profiles, Leon is revealed to be 27 while Albert is revealed to be 28). Albert tells Leon he will watch himself and Leon leaves.

Leon appears again, alongside Giuseppe and Ellen McNichol, in the optional mission Priority for Ruth Valentine. When the captain of the medical ship being attacked repeatedly calls for help, Leon says it is too late and cackles. After the medical ship captain says they'll report as much as possible from there, Leon laughs and says, "Down you go! Down! Backup can't help you now!" He then notices Ruth and says, "Perfect! I'm in the mood for some fun!" Ellen then asks Leon if he's got orders to sink the medical ship and Leon confirms it, saying their enemies make easier targets when they're 'laid up in bed' and Ellen complies, saying it's for the O.C.C. and Leon agrees. Giuseppe then asks Leon how's Ellen doing and Leon says she'll doing anything as long as it's for the O.C.C.. He also says Ellen is one 'badass lady' and Giuseppe says she'd be no use to them if she wasn't. Leon then says, "I know, but..." and Giuseppe interrupts him by telling him to tell the rest of the crew that the medical ship is a camouflaged destroyer and Leon complies.

Mission Appearances


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