Mobile Infantry is the seventeenth mission in the original Airforce Delta. It involves attacking a gigantic naval base and sinking many advanced naval carriers there, as well as destroying the main facilities.


Our forces are planning a landing on the Klonne Island, the stronghold of the People's Federation Government.

Our mission will be to precede the landing with an eradication of the remaining enemy fleet.

There are unconfirmed reports of large vessels left in the fleet.

There are also indications that the survivors of the old Air Force will be joining the fray en masse.

This will not be an easy fight.


Woo! This level is gigantic and really fun! There's so much to destroy in this place. See all those enemies listed up there? Yeah, that totals to 56 enemies. That's a lot.

So if you wanna reap all the rewards of killing everything, make sure you pick a plane that's well armed! The F-22 Raptor is by far the best option, as it's packing 80 missiles. And you'll need all of them.

So first off, you spawn in next to four Sea Shadows. They go down fairly easily. Their gimmick is that they're stealth ships! It's not that useful considering they don't move. There's also a CV-X nearby, basically a stealth aircraft carrier. It doesn't actually spawn aircraft; it basically acts like a destroyer with, again, stealth capabilities that's barely useful.

On the base itself, there are loads of facilities! Huge numbers of hangars, control towers, and... Well, facilities! Not everything is a target, so if you're just focused on the targets, react accordingly.

The only target plane amidst the huge swarms of them is the Su-47 (Who is the raddest fucking Su-47 you'll ever see... Look at that paint job!). He's not that hard. Just be careful about the swarms of enemies and missile pods nearby (there are ten of those buggers in the stage).

This mission isn't too hard, but it's really fun to go crazy and destroy everything. And you'll get huge amounts of money (depending on your play-style, well over a million).

Also, if you gunkill the target Su-47, you actually unlock it to purchase! Another secret plane. This one isn't as ridiculously priced as the EEL. Normally, you just have to complete the game to unlock the Su-47 for purchase, so this isn't as useful as the EEL's secret. Especially since the Berkut is outclassed by the Raptor at this point.

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)

Airforce Delta - Mission 17 Mobile Infantry (unlocking Su-47)

Airforce Delta - Mission 17 Mobile Infantry (unlocking Su-47)

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 17

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 17


  • This is the most populated stage in the game (Not counting stages where additional enemies can be placed, such as Oil Refinery Seizure), with 56 total enemies.
    • Technically, Oil Refinery Seizure has more destructible targets (66 compared to 56), but 35 of the destructible targets are things you are not meant to destroy. In this level, all 56 of the destructible targets are enemies you can destroy without penalty.
  • This is the last level in the game where there are naval targets.
  • In the PAL version of the GBC port of Airforce Delta (Or Deadly Skies as its known in the PAL region), the credits image for this mission is used for the boxart for the game.


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