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"Effort? Practice? Yesterday's news. The chosen ones like me are warriors for a new age! Doll's makeover was another waste of time."
―Pierre during Night Blitz.

Pierre Gallo is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character and the tertiary antagonist of Airforce Delta Strike.

Pierre was the 6th Section of the 8th Experiment Division's Aviation Unit. He was artificially enhanced so he could instantly become a skilled pilot.



Very little is known about Pierre's life before the game's events. He is a product of the Prodigy Plan and became altered. He instantly became an expert pilot and is able to perform aerial moves that no ordinary human being can do.


Pierre is shown to be an extremely reckless, psychopathic, and arrogant young man who frequently boasts about his ill-gotten skills. He doesn't seem to care if his actions destroy the Earth as shown in the cutscene after the mission Up Stream where he fires a laser at the Chiron tower after Delta manages to stop it, causing the tower to break into pieces and fall to Earth. Despite his insanity and cockiness, Pierre is shown to be quick and intelligent. Out of all the O.C.C. pilots, he seems to be on the best terms with Navigator.


Pierre is a short, 18 year old male of athletic build. Unlike most O.C.C. pilots, who wear a black flightsuit, Pierre wears a red one. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and, like Ellen McNichol, has a small crystal attached to his forehead. After the debriefing for Wind Valley where he asks Navigator to upgrade him, his appearance changes somewhat. His scleras become a strange blue and he has cyan lines along his face.

Events of AFD Strike

Pierre first appears in the mission Night Blitz, making him the last O.C.C. pilot to be introduced. He says, "So you're the famous Delta! I had no idea I would run into you out here. I'm sick to death of boring ol' air skirmishes. I bet I'd have fun with you guys! C'mon, let's do this!" A bit further into the mission, Pierre will say, "What, you don't wanna play? What a drag!" and depending on which character the player is playing as, Pierre's interactions with the Delta pilots will vary. If the player plays as a 3rd Element character, Pierre will say, "Hey, Mr. Blue Jet, not bad!" and, if the player plays as either Ken Thomas or Ruth Valentine, John Rundal will say, "Watch your mouth!" and Pierre will say, "You sure talk big, but trust me, no one could ever defeat me!" and John will reply with, "Shut up and take it like a man!" and Ruth, if Ken is being played as, will say, "Just calm down and take it easy!" If the player plays as John, Ken will tell Pierre that he's not worth his time after Pierre's response to him and Pierre will say the same thing he says after John replies to him if he is not being played as. Ken will then tell Pierre not to waste his breath and Ruth will say the same thing she does if Ken is being played as. If the player plays as Jamie Jones, Rick Campbell will be amazed by Pierre's speed and Alex Levine will agree. Pierre says he sees they have some 'real speed freaks' and then laughs upon noticing Jamie, saying they've got some 'slowpokes' as well. Rick says he's not about to lose and Alex says that accuracy is more important than speed anyway. Pierre then says, "I don't care--I'll shoot you all down!" If the player plays as either Rick or Alex, Jamie will tell Pierre that speed isn't everything and, after Pierre laughs and says what he does about Jamie, the latter will respond with, "Bah! As long as you're still standing in the end..." and Pierre will say what he does after Alex's statement if Jamie is played as. If the player plays as a 2nd Element character, Pierre will tell them to 'just go home like good losers' and, if Holst Prendre is being played as, Brian Douglas will say, "How dare you! I can fly just fine!" and Pierre responds with, "Oh, how touching! Don't worry. I'll still take you down!" Pedro Glankert will then tell him he's caused enough monkey business and it's time to take his medicine. If Brian is being played as, after Pierre's response to the 2nd Element, Holst will say that he's a greenhorn and asks if they told him to stay calm. Pierre responds to this the same way he responds to what Brian says if Holst is being played as and Pedro will say the same thing mentioned above. After any of these possible dialogues, Pierre will tell Delta that if they want to defeat him they will have to come after him and he says he heard they move pretty well and he is not half bad himself. He then asks if one of the defeated Storm and he states he's even stronger and challenges them to take him on. He then says he loves to be amused and boasts about his strength and that he's a prodigy. He then mentions the Prodigy Plan and wonders if Delta can beat him. He then says the front is crawling with prodigies like him and that would be a sight to see and Delta will not be able to win and he says to 'bow down to O.C.C.'s technology. He then states that effort and practice are 'yesterday's news' and the 'chosen ones' like him are warriors for a new age and Doll's 'makeover' was another waste of time. He then tells Delta they should realize how meaningless it is to fight him and asks why everyone is on the offensive and they should just join the O.C.C.. He then says they've got way better technology and says, "You just can't keep up with our weapon production!" He tells Delta to join them and they'll go beyond being human upon doing so and asks why they would want to 'cling to humanity.' Pierre is eventually shot down and he says, "Dammit! I won't forget this! I can't believe I have to run away!" and then he tells his allies to come get him at Point D-36 on the double. In the debriefing, Pierre is summoned by Navigator and he asks what it is and states he is rather busy with his airplane maintenance. Navigator asks him if everything went smoothly and Pierre states that everything did except for those 'bozos' who slowed them down while they were guarding Chiron Tower. Navigator worries about it but Pierre reassures him their enemies would not be able to do anything there even if they capture it and outer space is still their territory. Navigator agrees, saying they control outer space, and Pierre says local resources should hold them through and the rest in in Navigator's hands because he can make instant ace pilots and asks to reaffirm this. Navigator says that is correct and states he is just glad Pierre is safe and a lot of time and effort was devoted to him. Pierre says, with a devious grin, "That, I thank you for. Now my abilities allow me to do things that ordinary humans can only dream of doing." Navigator tells Pierre not to thank him and to just show him results. Pierre agrees and tells Navigator not to worry, stating that nobody is a match for him when he unleashes his true power and he will be going now.

Mission Appearances

  • Night Blitz
  • New Generation (Optional mission)
  • Wind Valley (Debriefing)
  • Turning Point (Debriefing)
  • Up Stream (Cinematic)
  • Meteor Structure
  • Departure (Debriefing)
  • The Defender (Debriefing)
  • The Decisive Battle (Debriefing)
  • Inside (Killed in action)


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