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"Effort? Practice? Yesterday's news. The chosen ones like me are warriors for a new age! Doll's makeover was another waste of time."
―Pierre during Night Blitz.

Pierre Gallo is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character and the tertiary antagonist of Airforce Delta Strike.

Pierre is the 6th Section of the 8th Experiment Division's Aviation Unit. He is artificially enhanced so he can instantly become a skilled pilot.



Very little is known about Pierre's life before the game's events. He is a product of the Prodigy Plan and became altered. He instantly became an expert pilot and is able to perform aerial moves that no ordinary human being can do.


Pierre is shown to be an extremely reckless, psychopathic, and arrogant young man who frequently boasts about his ill-gotten skills. He doesn't seem to care if his actions destroy the Earth as shown in the cutscene after the mission Up Stream where he destroys the Chiron tower after Delta manages to stop it, causing the tower to break into pieces and fall to Earth. Despite his insanity and cockiness, Pierre is shown to be quick and intelligent. Out of all the O.C.C. pilots, he seems to be on the best terms with Navigator.

Mission Appearances

  • Night Blitz
  • New Generation
  • Wind Valley (Debriefing)
  • Turning Point (Debriefing)
  • Up Stream (Cinematic)
  • Meteor Structure
  • Departure (Debriefing)
  • The Defender (Debriefing)
  • The Decisive Battle (Debriefing)
  • Inside (Killed in action)


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